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DMD cEnter

It started as a simple Vlog in 2016 and metastasize into something with a better purpose for ALL involved in the Dental Community.


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Looking forward to reading about management of pain especially with asymptomatic or symptomatic pain on molars, procedure and medication. Thank you, DMD cEnter.


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There’s an advantage of doing things online and through DMD cEnter

I don’t need to worry to set up a website or a social network page to deal with my initial screening and consultation.

Dentist, Torres1 Dental Clinic



It is so difficult to make a dental appointment nowadays


and through DMD cEnter I am able to find a alternative dentist close to my place and book an appointment with ease online

Dentist, Torres1 Dental Clinic


I wanted to be safe when I go to the dentist for my dental treatment

and, because of DMD cEnter, I am able to find the right dentist worry-free according to my preferences.

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Latest Insights

Addressing GERD

Addressing GERD

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux is a common condition and as dentist we need to know how to recognize and address this for our patients’ relief as well as properly handling this during our dental treatment procedures. Let’s address GERD…

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5 Probable Causes of Post-Operative Tooth Sensitivity

5 Probable Causes of Post-Operative Tooth Sensitivity

Are you one of those dentists that scoff off post-operative tooth sensitivity complain of your patients as a natural occurrence that will simply diminish in 3 days or so after we did tooth restoration? Or, do you care enough and prescribe pain meds? Or, do you really care that you assess and try to figure out from your end IF you indeed inadvertently caused the occurrence somehow…somewhere.

Well, if you are prudent and truly do care for your patients, then, this post is for you. DMD cEnter will provide you 5 probable and general causes why your patient feels post-operative tooth sensitivity after you did a successful restorative filling. Of course, these are the usual suspects to check to really address the issue.

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CoVid-19 In the Oral Cavity

CoVid-19 In the Oral Cavity

As we all try to address on how we can as dentists protect ourselves from this CoVid-19 virus in our dental practice, it is also our duty to responsibly learn about this virus from reliable sources based on scientific research and studies. It is more important now than ever that we spread information that’s evidence-based about CoVid-19. This will enable us to reliably educate and care for our patients especially in relation to our patients’ oral health. So, let’s learn some of the basic information of the virus’ effect in the oral environment especially in the tongue, and, how we, as dentists, be able to properly advice our patients on how to protect themselves and minimize the risk of its transmission.

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The Usual Suspects In Root Canal Failures

The Usual Suspects In Root Canal Failures

The truth is root canal therapy could have been really an easy procedure if only we could actually see the canal directly through our eyes when we are working on it. But, that isn’t the case unless we extract the tooth, do the root canal and implant it back again. Thus, through the years, dental inventors and manufacturers tried to develop various equipment such as microscope and Endodontic materials with various systems that supposedly can make our lives simpler when we are doing RCT to our patients. Ironically, however, with all the revolutionary inventions and gadgets we still fail in certain clinical cases that we do RCT. So, DMD cEnter would like to discuss the usual suspects of why we still fail in our Endodontic treatments in the hope that we can do our best to be trap on these pitfalls.

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Dealing With Your Bruxism

Dealing With Your Bruxism

We often hear our dentist that the reason why your teeth need to be restored is because of tooth abrasion and it is due to our bad habit of grinding our teeth which is scientifically called bruxism. More often than not, we deny that we have this habit not because we want to lie, but, because we actually don’t know, most of the time, we are doing this. Why? Because grinding our teeth happens most often while we are sleeping and subconsciously grows as a bad habit. Thus, in order for us to get rid of this bad habit and to protect our teeth from further damage brought by grinding, let’s understand what it is and how we can address and deal with this.

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Dental Treatment Protocols Guide For Recovered CoVid-19 Patients

Dental Treatment Protocols Guide For Recovered CoVid-19 Patients

Do you know that a recovered CoVid-19 patient can have a relapse? Will you be willing to do a dental treatment with a recovered CoVid-19 patient 1-5 days after the said recovery? Do you know that under our laws we cannot be discriminatory to our patients just because they are contagiously sick? So, what are the guidelines we need to follow if we really need to do dental treatment for a just recovered CoVid-19 patient? Find out and Read this post for FREE at DMD cEnter.

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What Is DMD cEnter?

In a nutshell, we connect and collaborate to provide dental services both for the dental professionals and patients. We aim to give services as we grow that can provide solutions that’s facing the dental community as a whole.

What services do you provide to the dental professionals?

DMD cEnter through the community it creates will provide opportunities and benefits in education, dental practice development and material access as well as opportunities to earn.

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Just simply register first. It is FREE.

As a patient, how will you help me find the right dentist for me?

Only you can decide who will be the right dentist for you. However, through the coming DMD cEnter services we will provide you resources to easily find the dentist according to your preferences. So, watch out for it.

Why should I waste time on this website?

Well, we will work hard for our online services be of value and worthy of your time. We will initially introduce a variety of services first for the dental professionals and once that’s set, DMD cEnter will be ready now to cater for the needs of the patients. Anything worth building do takes time and effort.

How about support for my inquiries and questions?

One of the main core values of DMD cEnter is to provide customer satisfaction. Hence, support is definitely offered to answer your inquiries and questions. You may send us a message through e-mail or through our contact us page here or any of social media platforms or you can just simply call.





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